24seven teaching introduction

My name is Ken Ehrmann, I teach fifth grade in Pennridge School District in Pennsylvania, a small suburban district outside Philadelphia.  In addition to teaching fifth grade, I spent the last 4 year tutoring over 50 different students grades 3-12 in all subject areas, time management skills, and executive function skills.  Additionally, I teach graduate courses focusing on incorporating iPads and 21st century learning skills into the classroom.

I am a passionate teacher constantly evaluating my own teaching, learning styles, and the status quo of public education.  I believe that education is on the verge of large transformations that will have a great impact on the success of our students.  This generation of 21st century learners bring so many more diverse needs and talents to classrooms never seen before.  It is our job as educators to meet the times.

This blog will serve as one of many avenues in which I bring new ideas, questions, and challenges to the education field.  In addition to the blogs, I will post webcasts that reflect my teaching style as a flipped classroom educator.  Lastly, I offer professional development seminars that range from one hour presentations to multiple class hands-on workshops.  These professional development sessions have flipped learning ingrained in the format, creating this idea of 24seven teaching: reaching all learners at all times.


Author: Ken Ehrmann

I am a fifth grade teacher in Pennridge School District. Additionally I teach graduate courses focusing on including iPads and technology into our classrooms. I facilitate professional development presentations and workshops focused on flipped and blended learning.

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