Flipped Classrooms: Make your time with students valuable

I was fortunate to attend the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference and learned from so many amazing educators.  One of the most inspirational moments was listening to George Couros on developing the innovators mindset.  His passion and genuine desire to help children find a love for learning is incredibly motivational.  I attended many sessions of teachers using great formative assessment tools, independent learning centers, and utilizing the last five minutes of class effectively.  STEM or STEAM was a major theme of many conversations and is so valuable.  I left the event motivated and my brain spinning with ideas.

I started to reflect on my own session that I facilitated, “Flipping your Classroom” introduction.  How does this fit, is it as valuable as other ideas?  Is the flipped class truly beneficial, or is it going to be a short lived trend in education?  Flipping your classroom is the key to unlocking the time to do valuable activities with your students.

An easy way to start flipping your classroom is to choose basic lessons to deliver the content at home.  The students come to your classroom prepared with adequate background knowledge to be more successful engaging in the content.  As educators, one of our top priorities should be to create an engaging, exciting, enjoyable class for students.  I truly believe that flipped lessons gives us a head start, it gives us an opportunity to build in those great activities on a daily basis.  I am leaving this motivating conference with so many ideas of amazing activities to try with my students.

So this week’s post is short, but hopefully intriguing.  As we move forward on this journey of flipping lessons and classrooms, keep this idea in mind.  We can now make more time more valuable for our students.


Author: Ken Ehrmann

I am a fifth grade teacher in Pennridge School District. Additionally I teach graduate courses focusing on including iPads and technology into our classrooms. I facilitate professional development presentations and workshops focused on flipped and blended learning.

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